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Sleep Consultant

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I am a Certified Sleep Consultant who has been sleep training infants for many years.  I can set up a sleep program tailored specifically for your family.  I offer a variety of methods that can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  Sleep training can be done in person or over the phone.

In Person:

-Part of the night you work with me

- The other part of the night you sleep

Over the Phone:

-I will extensively go over the method you choose

- When implementing the first night of sleep training I will be a phone call away all through the night

- Additional support can be provided

In my early years as a postpartum doula I was focused on providing exceptional services.  After continuously being asked sleep questions, I knew there was more I could do for my families.  I began researching and learning from other doulas, as well as having on the job training to watch what was happening with babies and their sleep.  The Sleep Training Certification completed my education; however, I am a lifelong learner committed to keeping up to date on infant sleep research and providing evidence-based training to support my families’ best sleep.


Please feel free to call, email or text to inquire about pricing or get more information.

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Customer service 24 hours 7 days a week

24 hour Support


Sleep training is hard.  This is coming from someone who thought they were an "expert" on baby sleep. I had read a bunch of books, hours of blogs and successfully sleep trained my first baby. Insert second baby.... I all of a sudden felt like I now knew nothing about sleep!  Babe number 2 threw me for a loop and thank goodness I reached out to Anne.  Anne is a wonderful person.  She is a wealth of information and extremely genuine in her wanting to help.  Anne helped put a plan together for our second babe and provided me with the support that I needed to help execute on that plan.  When you are beaten down not sleeping yourself and your little babe is losing it crying and pulling on your heart strings... having someone there to help be your team and support you is instrumental.  Thanks to Anne's help I'm no longer a zombie and have a happily sleeping baby!  


Thanks again.  We think you are so great!




Anne was like a fairy-godmother sent to help our babies sleep through the night! 


We started working with Anne as an overnight doula, then she transitioned to helping us sleep-train our twin daughters, who were struggling to get to sleep in the evenings. Anne was extremely patient and knowledgeable—she’s seen everything and can overcome any challenge. In just four nights, she had both girls sleeping through the night, and they’ve continued to benefit from long and healthy sleep ever since. 


Anne took care of us as well as the babies. She has an intuitive understanding of how to care for, and work with, a mother in those difficult early months. 


We cannot imagine having done this without her and our whole family’s quality of life is so much better for it. Anne comes with our highest possible recommendation!



The babies in the photo were not sleep trained at this age.

"The rules for sleep training are simple: 1) Trust Anne; 2) Repeat step one; 3) Call Anne to return to step 1. With twin boys, the thought of them sleeping together in the same room overnight and for naps seemed impossible... but under Anne's over-the-phone guidance without even coming into our home, she had the boys sleeping through the night and having long naps during the day. 

Anne explained the entire process over the phone clearly and with demonstrated care for both our boys and ourselves, and gave us clear instructions on how to sleep train them. When it came to the sleep training and we became overwhelmed she was a quick call away and made herself available to us at any time of day or night. She would reassure us, check in on how we were doing, and we would end the call feeling calm and confident. Anytime we had a question or concern in the days that followed we felt so comforted knowing that Anne was there to guide us. Our boys now sleep through the night, as do we, and it is all thanks to the incomparable Anne!"


We were a very tired bunch. Things had been going well until about 6 months and some combo of growth spurt and covid stress I think threw our routine off. And then it was just stuck there, awake every 1-2 hrs to try and feed back to sleep and after 3 months it just wasn't helping any of us. Exhaustion sucks! Anne was gentle in her introduction as I got more into the idea of trying sleep training. She layed out the options and when we were ready she spent the time walking us through the process. We took the quick version which meant a couple rougher nights but that was about it! The routine was set and we all knew what to expect. Being able to count on some adult time and sleep felt like freedom! Anne checked in with us, validated the process and it was all pretty quick, which is what we had needed. She has been a great source to check-in with as we hit little bumps and I would definitely recommend her and her approaches to other parents! 

Ana-Luz Cobon



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