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My Philosophy

I am LOVING in what I do and the families I work with.  Being a loving Doula is the perfect calling for me.


My special TOUCH is filling your tool bag with skills and knowledge that you can access when you need it.


I strive to be the best DOULA/SLEEP TRAINER.  Everyone needs to feel supported and nurtured during this overwhelming, exhausting and exciting time.


My SERVICES are simple; I treat my clients the way I want to be treated.  Honesty is highly important to me in my home and work life.  This isn’t just a job for me.  Babies are not computers that you walk away from at the end of the day.  I care very much about the health and well-being of the families I work for and I will provide the service you deserve.

Copyright of Loving Touch Doula Services


Hi, I'm Anne Ramer, Certified Baby Sleep Consultant and Postpartum Doula.

My career has always revolved around children. For example, I ran my own preschool for many years and I worked as an Autism Support worker in the local school district. Once I became a postpartum doula, however, I knew I had found my true calling. I treasure working with newborns and their families.

I have gained a lot of knowledge about babies needs and wants throughout my years as a postpartum Doula and as such I have heard the same two questions over and over: How do I breastfeed?  How do I get my baby to sleep?  Fortunately, I can help answer these 2 questions.  However, if I receive a question that is beyond my professional experience I am able to refer you to my colleague and friend who is a Breastfeeding Counsellor, Lorraine.


The issue of sleep is my absolute strength.  I bring years of experience from observing babies, speaking with clients and reading pertinent books and articles.  I’ve completed a Sleep Consulting Certification course.  Helping babies learn to sleep is my forte.

I am a wife, a Mom to three amazing grown children and their partners, plus a Nan to three awesome grandchildren.  These people are my world.  I very much want to help you in the wonderful journey of parenthood!


 Welcome to Loving Touch Doula Services!

Code of Ethics

At Loving Touch Doula Services:


- You can rest assured that your confidentiality is of utmost importance to me.

- I will always be respectful and courteous.

- I keep my skills up to date thru various educational offerings.  

- I will do my very best to have objectivity and look at

the bigger picture when giving feedback about your little person.

- I am honest and reliable.


My word means something!

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